Friday, 1 August 2014


Hi everyone.  It's been a while since I've added anything to the site.  I've had a lot going on for  a long time now, and I'm slowly just sorting myself out.  I'm not going to go into details.  I've had to move in with a friend of mine so most of my Alien-related stuff is scattered about at other people's houses, etc. packed away.  I am working on one article, however.  I'm working on it slowly at the moment as I've hit a snag and have loads to do.  I'm working on a comparison article between all the cuts of Alien 3.  So that's the Theatrical cut, Assembly cut and Workprint.  I'm trying to add video as well as dialogue transcripts.  Problem is my videos have started being taken down due to copyright.  I'm not giving up.

Once I'm settled and sorted I will try to add more stuff.  I hope your all doing well.

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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Whose Who in Alien 3

Below is a list of names of the inmates of Fury 161.  The reason for this list to to help those who get confused as to who is who.

Francis Aaron '85'

Harold Andrews


Edward Boggs

Jonathan Clemens


Leonard Dillon



Walter Golic


Alan Jude

Ted 'Junior' Gillas


Robert Morse

Thomas Murphy

Daniel Rains



Below is a list of prisoners who we can't identify.  The list of names are as follows but who is who is unknown:  Christopher, Ed, Janni, Lawrence, Martin and our favorite enigma Vincent.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Merry Christmas!!!

Hello everyone!  Thought I'd make this post early as I've been terribly busy so I haven't been able to add anything new to the blog as of late.  Sorry about that.

I just want to wish everyone a merry Christmas and all the best for the new year!  As always, I've got nothing planned except to relax and stuff my face and perhaps a few beers!

Hope you all have a great day!!!


Thursday, 19 September 2013

Prometheus: The Lesser Known Deleted and Alternate Scenes

I wouldn't normally add anything Prometheus related to my blog but in this case, I'm making an exception.  I've been asked if I would do this by a couple of people, so I thought I would do it for something to do.  I'm not a mega fan of Prometheus, but It's not a bad film either.  I find it a lot better than Alien Resurrection and the AVP movies.

In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the deleted and alternate scenes not featured in the deleted scene's section of the Prometheus DVD/Blu ray. Most of these scenes have been taken from trailers and various making of and behind the scene's documentaries. Some of the pictures in this article are low quality.  Without a copy of the shooting script, it will be difficult to write up much about the scenes featured. 

Please note that I will be adding more to this as I go along or as more scenes are found.  Eventually, I will get better resolutions of certain pics and update them.

Scenes may not in order.

Halloway and Shaw:
Holloway walks up to shaw and says, "You're smiling." This takes place right before Shaw takes Holloway into the cave to show what she has discovered.

David Crying:
David is crying at what we think is the movie Lawrence of Arabia.  He's also drinking milk. 

There's a shot of Janek holding a Christmas tree saying, "Ho ho ho!".  This shot is missing from the deleted scene in which Janek is messing with a Christmas tree during breakfast.

Shaw and Holloway:
Before the mission briefing, there's a shot of Shaw and Holloway talking to each other. Shaw says, "They gonna think we're crazy." Holloway replies, " Yeah. They're not if you keep it scientific."  A shot of Fifield saying, "It's a star map", and there's also an alternate shot of Shaw saying, "Not a map an Invitation."

Prometheus Has Landed:
There's a shot of Janek on the bridge when he says,"Prometheus has landed."

Sweetest Air:
After Holloway has removed his helmet and sampled the air he says, "That's the sweetest air I've ever tasted."

Alternate Tomb Shot:
Instead of finding a green crystal in the 'Head room' Holloway finds a ceremonial bowl.  Same type used at the beginning by the engineer when sacrificing himself.  I think this shot is better.

David Smiling:
There's a shot of David smiling while observing the black goo oozing form one of the vases.  Also, some behind the scene footage of him tasting/smelling (?) a piece before looking around.

Changing into what:
There's an alternate shot of Vickers saying, "Changing into what."

Shaw Crying and Praying (?):
There are extra shots of Shaw crying and clasping her hands as if she might be praying.  The crying shot came from a Japanese trailer.

David and Mr Weyland:
There is some shots of David in which he appears to be giving Mr. Weyland a pill (?) alternatively, something to swallow.

Shaw and Janek:
Shaw turns to Janek and says, "I came here for answers, I'd rather die with those answers than leave without them."

Mr Weyland and the Mercenaries:
It is believed that originally the Fifield attack took place while Weyland the team were heading out to see the living engineer.  Furthermore, during this scene, it is Shaw that runs over Fifield with the RT Vehicle.

Kill everything!...
There's a shot of Janek shouting, "Kill everything you copy."  This may take place during the Fifield attack, but I'm not certain.

David and the Engineer Suit:
David stops and takes a look at one of the engineer suits.

The Engineer:
After the juggernaut has crashed and ground to a halt the Engineer piloting picks, himself up and heads out to find Shaw.

Well, that's it for the time being.  If you can think of any scenes, I've missed please contact me with images if possible, and I will add them to the list.  I'm only interested in scene not featured in the Deleted scenes section of the DVD/Blu ray.
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